Top 10 Mindful Holiday Gifts 2022

The holidays are approaching, which means shopping has begun! Here’s our list of the top 10 best mindful holiday gifts to give this season. Simply click on the item image to purchase on Amazon. 

Aside from their traditional use for meditation, Tibetan singing bowls are used for deep relaxation and muscle regeneration, to relieve pain in the joints, muscles and shoulders, to ease pain related to sciatica, the digestive system, headaches and migraine or spine injuries, to improve circulation, release tensions or blockages, to open the energy flow, eliminate the toxins from the body.

A perfect mindfulness gift to give this year! 

This book is an invitation to reach beyond your comfort zone, and to honor and accept everything about you because you are remarkable, needed, wonderful, and unique.

Perfect to give to a friend or family member, or even yourself!

There’s nothing like enjoying a relaxing cup of tea, especially when it’s cold outside. This assortment is a great gift for any tea-lovers you know! 

Give the gift of balanced energy and good vibes all around. This beautiful tree can be placed anywhere around the house — on a nightstand, in a home office, or even a thoughtful shelf in the living room. 

The sounds of this tabletop fountain are sure to help you zone in on your meditations and intentions, and are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Plus, this is one of those gifts that someone may not buy for themselves, but will be so happy to receive! 

Help a friend or loved one bring more focus to their intentions and raise their vibrations by giving them a set of healing crystals (if they don’t already have some). A great gift for someone who’s looking to step up their spirituality and mindfulness practices.

Taking slow breaths in and out is something that we rarely focus on throughout our daily lives. A tool like this is a wonderful reminder to pay attention to our breathing, and can encourage more mindfulness throughout the day. Perfect for someone who’s practicing slowing down. 

Wonderful for the person in your life who is focused on self-care and improving their mindset! Do you have any friends who enjoy meditating, slowing down, and practicing presence? This fun deck of cards makes a great stocking-stuffer. 

Making gratitude lists is one of the best ways to shift your mindset, and therefore, your state of being. This journal is great for anyone in your life who enjoys practicing gratitude! 

A small but impactful gift could be this simple bracelet. Give it to a friend who would appreciate the small reminder about the journey they’re on. 

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